Saturday, August 30, 2014

10 Questions You Must Ask before Hiring eCommerce Development Company

So, you have decided to develop eCommerce store and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about it. The only way to fulfill your needs is to hire eCommerce developer or a company that helps you to achieve your target with priority.

Launching an online store can be difficult task for small businesses as it needs professional helps. Searching for professional help is not so easy as well.
“10 important questions that assist you to choose the best eCommerce development company or developers for your development task.”

1) How much experience do your company have building eCommerce store?
The most important and foremost question to ask when you are hiring any eCommerce development company is their experience. You must to explore their portfolio section to ensure their experience and expertise in eCommerce store development task.

2) What ecommerce software your company uses to build online stores?
They should be well-versed in all kinds of software solutions that available in the market, i.e. Magento, Joomla, Woo Commerce for WordPress, Drupal, Volusion and Shopify.

They must provide software solution that exactly matches to your needs and budget. Before choosing any option for your eCommerce store development, ensure that they are evaluating your needs and provided suitable alternative.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Reasons that Shows Performance Support & Mobile Combine Boost eLearning

Elearning Mobile Application Development
One of the daunting challenges for any manager is to implement training that actually drives skill and performance gains. No matter, you are doing excellent training program with eLearning Apps Development service then after most of the employees needed support service.

According to some survey, it is researched that learners will not retain anywhere near that entire first dose of training. There are many challenges that training concepts have to face with logistical constraints and huge time is needed to make this happen.

One of the best ways these companies are dealing with problem is to have their managers go through training that enable them to serve as in-the-field coaches who support core training principles.

On other side, performance support helps employee perform whenever s/he needs. Thus, we can say that proper designed performance support helps organization to drive higher performance every day.

Mobiles or other smart devices are just a gadget that helps corporate to solve their problems. According to my view point, performance support and mobiles are well-matched and helps to boost eLearning. Here are five reasons why I am saying so.


It is not enough to have a device with a potential use. The main problem is to access information for people, who need help at that moment. The connectivity of device is the limiting factor. All the information is available on a central internet server, but the mobile device doesn’t have internet itself then what is the use of it.

Offline storage

Presently, Mobile devices become the powerful computing devices rather than channels to access information. That simply means it is possible to store information offline when mobile device cannot be connected with internet.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is one kind of savior. One of the greatest methods of building performance support tools for mobile devices is to build eLearning native application for mobile platform. With the help of responsive design, one can easily take pain areas and enjoy advantages through mobile audience.

Moment of need

Mobile devices are the needed devices or tools that everyone has and carries all of the time. Mobile devices’ ubiquity is much of the challenges that make sure delivery channels wherever and whenever performance support is required.


The fact about the sharp increase in popularity & use of videos in eLearning/mobile learning for Performance Support is highlighted. Videos are useful as it is available online as well as offline. They are excellent to leverage mobile devices for performance support.

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