Monday, April 6, 2015

Constant Boosting in Demand For Real Estate Mobile App Development

Real Estate Apps Development
In the recent times, the race has been constantly increasing that which smartphones and tablets have been adapted to the needs of different users with the help of different applications customized for particular purposes. It has form the search process for homes because consumers are making use of a lot easier and faster ways to access real estate information.

There are lots of big and small companies that have realized the importance of easy accessibility of websites and have modified their websites for hand-held devices. For some of the real estate professionals, mere blogs, articles and other social networking accounts are not enough to attract sellers, buyers and renters.

Real state professionals have started focusing on mobile apps development to attract consumers and boost their reach and sand-out in the competition. With constantly increasing in mobile application development, it is becoming a known fact that mobile applications can also be huge help in interacting and developing rapport with customers.

A lot of mobile manufacturers are varying and enhancing platforms like Android 4.2, iOS 6, BlackBerry OS and more in place and various real estate brokers are adding different mobile apps to their marketing tool list.

These days, a lot of home buyers are downloading real state mobile apps so that they can access real estate content easily and even when on the move. Even mobile apps offer an instant and easy way to search and filter through numerous properties in the countrywide.

An application from a real estate company has below mentioned features:

  • Property search by city, state or ZIP-code
  • GPS-enabled search
  • Driving Instructions
  • Google mapping with Street View
  • Advice and testimonials Price comparisons
  • Neighborhood Info
  • Search results showing in map or list views
  • Frequent MLS (multiple listing system) info updates
  • QR codes scanner to get instant info regarding the property of interest
  • Details of the real estate (photos, price, sq. footage, area dimensions, contact person details, etc.)

Mobile applications are being interactive is showing to be an important supplement to web and print offerings. It is also helping real state brokers to promote their own listings by highlighting and tracking search results and recording statistics.

If you have a well develop ed application for your business, it will work as a money-making machine and help you to earn more money and more business for your clients. Therefore, there is constant demand for real estate mobile app development.

Stay tuned with us to get more information on real estate mobile app development as you can easily hire a professional real estate developer and get top-notch quality mobile apps.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

7 Worthy Tips about Integrating Action Mapping in eLearning Courses

Elearning apps Development
Right now, the trend of eLearning is growing and thus, eLearning apps development service providers are looking for the best solution to make eLearning course design procedure simple and manageable. No matter, it seems like a next to impossible achievement in some circumstances.

One of the best news is such technique can be employ to recognize your learning goals and to create an interactive eLearning goals and develop eLearning experience that go elsewhere-mere virtual presentations. This type of technique is better known as Action Mapping.

With the help of Action mapping, one can easily develop engaging, effective, and entertaining eLearning experiences for various audiences by concentrating on what they receive to get rather than the information that they require to fascinate. There is no doubt content is key in all eLearning courses, for those people, who have designed by using action mapping prevent cognitive overload and enhance knowledge retention by focusing on the conducts that required to be changed. There are some ideas behind action mapping:

Measurable goals.

One can have to put measurement method to decide the learners' progress according to the behaviors that need to be changed or on the learning goals that required to be achieved.

Immersive learning activities

At the time of developing action mapping of your eLearning course, one can have to concentrate on immersive and communicating activities. Each learning activities have to get the learning goals or changing the behavior by occupying learners into real world situation or by inspiring them to solve problem that might encounter on-the-job.

Even, one can also mimic the real life activities by using action mapping in eLearning to provide an excellent eLearning experience instead of a one-dimensional eLearning course.

Learning from mistakes.

The best thing about action mapping in eLearning is it enables learners to learn from mistakes. The chance is given through eLearning Scenarios in order to engage in the eLearning process with no any real world risk and thus, they can easily decide the significances of their decisions and faultless their performances and thinking processes before striding out into the real world.
The main focus of action mapping is to enable eLearning developers to target particular goal, which is measureable. One can make learning more interesting by concentrating on the end goal instead of all information that requires to be considered.

Important tips to Consider…

Contact clients to recognize the goals

In the first step of the action mapping process, one can have to meet client for deciding goals and behaviors needed for changes and enforced. In this initial step, one can learn expectations of clients and objective of their business and so on.

Evaluate current behaviors and learning challenges.

You have to access the challenges and issues that should be solved to achieve the goals. Additionally, you have to determine the role of important person of your organization.

Connect each annoying behavior with an effective learning activity

Unwanted behaviors can be paired with learning activities to engage learners to enhance performance or achieve their goals. You have to work with subject matter experts and other related members of eLearning Mobile apps Development team.

Assess what key takeaways your eLearning course requires to add

In the next step, you have to search out what information the learners require to get to carry out a change in their behavior. It is advisable to avoid cognitive overload to keep it easy to access. Don’t add irrelevant information.

Create a detailed outline and storyboard

Now, you have to create a detailed storyboard and outline that provides as a guide throughout the eLearning course design process. It will help to focus on the goals instead of collecting information.

Moreover, by adding the eLearning activities,, one can easily select any idea about the subject that seems to be important.

Fine-tune your finished product

Here, time comes to test your finished eLearning course and decide if it is according to the target. Such things come in the form of learner testing or by checking some important goals regularly.

These are some important points that should be considered when integrating Action Mapping in eLearning courses. If you are looking for more information about eLearning Apps development, contact Perception System.