Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Fruitful to develop eLearning Site Using Templates?

Elearning Application Development
So, you have decided to develop eLearning courses. We all know that developing eLearning courses cost a lot as we have to require eLearning Developers’ team, who has varying levels of technical expertise. Before creating any online courses, we have to come across some important questions.

As a professional eLearning consultant, I am advised to create eLearning sit by using templates that can easily addresses many of questions. There are many people, who don’t have an idea about eLearning templates, for those, here we have some explanation.

Many different assets can be included in templates, such as PowerPoint master slide layouts that come with different created pages that are best for adding content. Moreover, different tools are also available that used for developing template interfaces and GUIs for courses.

Different types of templates include icons, color schemes, buttons, images, quizzes, games, and more. Such things can be used again and again in various projects and can have many advantages like:

Save a lot of Time and Effort

It seems to be nice if one can have brilliant page layouts, buttons, icons, colors, interface, etc. of an online course. If you are adding template means you don’t have to use your mind in time re-creating the same pieces for each course.

It can be excellent for those people, who may don’t have a strong background in multimedia. For novice designer, it could save enough time in creating a flash movie or design an asset that expert one can do in some minutes. The best thing is designers can spend now time focusing on writing good material and less on how to create button more beautiful.


There are many organizations that are looking for consistent online courses. No matter, who the designer was, they always looking for same color, feel, quality and look. With templates, such desire can be achieved with an ease as designers are working by considering template’s base by using the same files.

One can also develop a template interface player that ensure learner about same navigation alternative on each course. Moreover, you can also standardize, when links bookmarking, outlines, jobaids and other related features. With this, learners become familiar with your course and thus, they don’t require to waste enough time towards searching any part.

Technical Functionality

With templates, one can easily create a file that works within guidelines and after that, they can share it with entire department. Moreover, it easily cut down on troubleshooting time that used for deciding why some portion is not working properly. Such efforts are already been done, just one have to require it to happen.

Increase Output and Creativity

Templates enable designers to spend more time on what they can do best, i.e. writing course content and so on. Even, one can spend more time on the core of course rather than on the "administrative" parts.

These has two situation, first, designers can spend more time on thinking to make eLearning course creativity and second, can able to create short course in shorter time.

Using different types of templates, you can also create fabulous eLearning application for educational institutes. If you don’t have ideas how to develop then adopt eLearning Developer for hire service from Perception System for more information about eLearning application development service.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Way2SMS Founder Launches LearnSocial, a Markeplace for Instructor-led Courses

Elearning Apps Development
Way2SMS, the most popular Person-to-person online messaging service provider, founder Raju Vanapala has launched LearnSocial, an e-learning marketplace for Instructor-led courses. It is a latest venture of Vanpalas as he is on a mission of developing a worldwide marketplace for all the instructor-led online learning.

Not like conventional online education portals and Massive Open Online courses platforms, LearnSocial is known for offering live instructor-led online courses through streamed sessions in topics like languages, technology and robotics among others.

To fulfill the requirements of college students, senior professionals and mid-career professionals, the 50-strong LearnSocial team curates courses on the platform. However, the company also claims that it has roped more than 200 industry experts as instructors on its platform.

At the time of launching, Raju Vanapala said “Delivering the best with same level of excellence, irrespective of the geographical location, is what we believe in. Hence, unlike others, our Instructors are not traditional professors. They are hand-picked, highly experienced and passionate people working with large corporate firms across sectors. LearnSocial equips each trainer to deliver a special learning experience to any individual from any remote corner. All it takes is Internet connectivity of less than 1 MBPS to access all cutting edge and industry relevant courses at LearnSocial.

ValueFirst, a biggest mobile messaging company, has acquired Way2SMS in all cash deal back in May 2012. Approximately after 4 months, Way2SMS had itself acquired competitor SMS Countrys P2P messaging portal 160by2.

He further added, “LearnSocial is determined to build a large and active social learning community from across the globe; where learners are provided with an opportunity to network, rather than breeze through a few week-long courses. With greater community interaction and engagement, combined with excellent course delivery methods; LearnSocial will redefine online learning experience across the globe.

However, if you are looking to get your own e-learning application for your business, you just need to hire an expert e-learning app developer from any trusted company so that you will get best quality e-learning application for your business. to get more information on hiring e-learning developer, you can click here.