Friday, September 4, 2015

10 Best eLearning Business Apps to Use

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No matter, you are business owners, employees or app users, eLearning applications are best companion to gather information and learn about new business tips and technology. Looking to the user’s requirements, we have listed 10 best eLearning Business applications that you can use in your business premises to increase productivity.

Skill Pill

Skill Pill is one of the best apps for iOS, Android, Windows phones, and Blackberry, providing bite-sized training videos for learners. It includes various topics, including customer service, management, sales, marketing, etc. Different topics can be mixed and matched to deliver a unique course to your learners.

Skill Pill can also develop custom courses for their learners.

My Moodle

My Moodle app is an amazing application available for both iOS and Android devices. It is not a full-blown replacement for the Moodle interface, however, allowing to upload files, download course resources for offline viewing, track course participants, send messages and so on.

If you are using an older version of Moodle, then you may face issue with versions 1.9 and below.

ASTD Trainer’s Toolkit

One of the most important resources for trainers and instructional designers, American Society of Training and Development is a kind of application (performance support tools) helps to create different activities to enable learners to engage, motivate and retain content better.

ASTD Trainer’s Toolkit also enables users to take notes, bookmark and create new activities. This app is available in both Android and iOS. This app is available for free. However, if you want more than the standard activities, you can have them at the cost of $1.99.


BizMobile app for BizLibrary delivers access to many content for training managers as they have library of about 6,000 courses focused exclusively on business training. This application can be used by iOS and Android users and enable employees to see videos, read supplemental course materials like PDFs and has a full database search functionality. This application is available for free to download, but one can assess to the course library costs around $5/ a month per employee.

E.Learning Age

Get the mobile version of the popular UK-based E.Learning Age magazine available in iOS and Android. Available for free, E.Learning Age app includes case studies, news, and research from the eLearning space. It enables users to read the latest edition and bookmark articles, highlight and save it for later.

Apple Keynote

Apple’s own presentation app is best for developing course content on the go. Keynote is like a PowerPoint that enables to create presentations on your iPhone, Touch, and iPad. It allows easy saving through iCloud or Dropbox and also have ability to export in different formats. Apple Keynote is an excellent tool for developing basic course content, no matter where you are.

Kineo E-learning Top Tips

Kineo E-learning Top Tips app is downloaded for iOS devices. It provides tips and advice for instructional designers to start their designing works with this eLearning courses. Interestingly, this latest tips can easily updated, which is its plus-point.

Chief Learning Officer magazine

No doubt, CLO magazine is one of the excellent and leading sources of getting news, trends and thought leadership in the business learning space. Their iOS and Android application sends you new issue along with users can see back issues of last three months, save and bookmark articles as well.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard is an excellent tool for iPads. This application enables to create and record different videos, lessons, annotated images that you can share with your learners through social media networks or email.

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

Blackboard is the fourth most popular LMS that has a lot of utility for corporate learning. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app is the great addition to your existing Blackboard implementation. Available for iOS, or Android, this app has ability to join web conferencing sessions, view whiteboard content and presentations, chat and so on. This free to download application needs a hosted enterprise Blackboard Collaborate license to utilize.

Iphone | Android

These are 10 best eLearning mobile apps to use when you want to increase your productivity. If you want to develop eLearning app for your business or want to customize it according to your requirements then Contact Perception System for eLearning mobile apps development service.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

5 Most Important Strategies For Popularizing eLearning With Organizations

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One of the major worries that many of you all may heard that Learning and Development and Human Resources executives express is the waning interest and participation of employees in the corporate eLearning programs.

There are lots of cases in which the initial enthusiasm of the open of eLearning initiative is complete, employee participation begins going down. There are very few employees, who are opting for the eLearning courses, and the employees, who are subscribing, do not complete them.

Below, you can checkout 5 most important strategies for popularizing eLearning so that you can draw employees towards the corporate eLearning initiatives:

Socialize eLearning –

We all know that eLearning considered as s private affair among the Learning and Development department and the employee or the Learning Management System and the employee. It mainly leans to make eLearning initiatives dull and boring, specially the self-paced programs.

You should open-up the eLearning plan enabling employees to post questions, offer response and rate questions and responses. Enabling virtual communities to be formed and community members to develop and publish eLearning capsules.

You can allocate every single point for every question, learning capsule and response, which is well perceived by the community members. You can allocate different points for every single question, learning capsule and response, which is well apparent by the community members. These are points, which can be accumulated by employees to receive booty and recognition.

Gamify eLearning –

From a Learning Management System, one can change the eLearning initiative implementation to a fun and exciting experience for the employees. One should gamify the learning process, assign points/credits to the courses and accumulate these points into the accounts of the employees.

Shaping teams within departments and allowing the teams compete for their eLearning scores. You can advertise top achiever teams and individuals regularly and also reward them at the end of the year quarter.

Enable Access to the content Through Smartphones and Tablets –

Through tablets and smartphones, you can give access to eLearning content that can attract Field Force employees into eLearning. Employees, who are on the move, can access maximum of their regular transaction systems through their tablets and mobile devices. Do you know why eLearning should be an exemption?

Develop Game-based & Simulation-based eLearning –

You can transform the eLearning content into a game or a simulation of an actual life scenario. For instance – a course on “Managing Irate Customers” can be planned as an imitation, where the learner is showed with the situation and the course progresses based on the choices made by the learners. It makes the complete learning experience interesting and highly engaging.

Make Use of Scenarios, Case Studies & Situations –
You can make use of actual situations and scenarios in order to explain theories and different concepts at the time of designing your eLearning course. However, scenarios and different situations are extremely easy and relate to and keep the concept.

One can keep his/her assessments based on case studies so that learning can be easily resistant through application of theories and concepts instead of conventional questions, which check the retention of theories and general concepts.

So, these are the 5 important strategies that can be implemented for popularizing eLearning with organizations. However, if you have decided to get an eLearning application that stuffed with different features, you can hire a professional eLearning app developer from our experienced team of eLearning app developers.