Efficiency of AJAX in Web Development:

In this era of web development every one wants their website to be fast, efficient and informative for the users. Time reduction and making informative website definitely gives charm to your web application and brings user to you site which should be the aim of every online business. AJAX can be used to implement a web application that communicates with a server in the background, without interfering with the current state of the page.

Now-a-days you can achieve quality for your website. AJAX is the technology which is being used widely used by the developers for developing dynamic and faster applications. Using AJAX a programmer or developer can give you the robust application according to your needs. Many IT companies now a days use AJAX to create web/ecommerce applications as per requirements not just because of its functionalities but for cost conservation which is very important in this recession period.

AJAX can be used to create flash applications like portfolios, animated websites, utilities etc. It’s preferable by the developers as it is compatible with almost all the languages like PHP, Asp.net, ROR (ruby on rails) etc.

Features of AJAX:

• Continuous uploading, time is not wasted while waiting for page redraws and reloads. (as discussed above)
• Real-time updates, certain parts of the web pages are directly updated without requiring the whole page to up dated.
• Greater graphical interaction similar to desktop applications – for instance, drag and drop feature.
• Standard mechanism for the client to interact with the server and only send small xml fragments.

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