New Apple App Guidelines for Apple iPhone App developer

Apple is the key platform in the mobile and tablet pc for all the users over the globe. Revolutionary and innovative products put Apple to the top of the market of mobile, tablet computers and notebooks.

On this Thursday, Apple has issued a stack of rules which are not permissible in the Apple’s latest iOS App store for content, and which provide some relaxation to the application developers for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It has published descriptive guidelines. In these guidelines, it is announced that which programs can be and can not be accepted by Apple’s App store. It is helpful for the Apple iPhone app developer in developing Apple iPhone apps development and custom iPhone application development.

Before these guidelines, Apple has been facing app developers’ criticism for its cryptic app review procedure for what is acceptable and what is not for customers and developers. Apple App guidelines said that there are approx. over 250,000 applications in Apple App store. Guideline stated that if your app is not useful in any form or not provide entertainment, that app may not be accepted.

It is useful for the users of Apple devices that they can understand what they will get and what not on iOS device. Apple’s app guidelines will provide some relax to iPhone application developers, that don’t mean that the procedure of selection of app will become simple. Due to this launch, the demand of hire Apple iPhone app developers or hire iPhone application developers services by mobile application development companies will increase in the mobile market.

It’s obvious that at least some of the reason Apple has lifted restrictions is to compete with Android’s little-regulated apps. In July, Google released its beta version of App Inventor for Android, a do-it-yourself kit to create an app to sell in Android’s marketplace. It meant that anyone, not just a programmer, could create an Android app using its building blocks and fill-in-the-blank forms.

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