Next-Generation Cost-Effective Web Application Development Solutions at Perception System

The process of developing web application is called application development. It is things of customization because it directly depends upon client’s business requirement.

Web application development is accessed over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. They are popular due to omnipresence of web browsers. Web development sometimes called thin client because the convenience of using a web browser as a client. The vigilances to maintain and update web application without installing and distributing software.

Applications are dividing in tiers. Every tier is assigned role. Traditional applications lie in 1 tier which resides on the client machine. By nature, web applications lie in n tier. The most common structure is the three tiered.

Three tiers known as:
• First tier – Presentation: using dynamic web pages
• Second tier – Application: in which the web browser send request
• Third tier – Storage: making queries and updates against the database and generates a user interface

Model of Lifecycle:
• Extreme Programming
• Scrum
• Development of Timebox
• Development of feature driven

Perception System is an application development company. Which is specialize in the web application development and provide web developers. They help to deliver applications as web services which were traditionally only available as applications on a desk based computer. As a traditional desktop application, web applications suffer the same integration, unit and system testing.

Web Application Testing:
• HTML/CSS validation
• Accessibility
• Cross-browser
• Performance, Load, and Stress
• Usability
• Security

Services Provided by Web Application Developers:
• Development & Re-engineering
• Integration
• Business Process Analysis
• Documentation
• Prototype Development
• Technical Proposal
• Support & Maintenance

We represent websites with different concepts and themes also in assorted sizes, colors, and functions. Websites are developing with web programming and database technologies. Web Programming like ASP.Net, Java, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, XML, CSS, HTML & XHTML, VBScript, etc. Database technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird SQL, etc.

Currently we offer some different types of websites:
• Informational Websites
• E-Learning Management Systems
• Blog Sites
• Template Design
• Full CSS Websites
• Template Customization
• Web Portal Sites
• Affiliate Websites
• Personal Websites
• Content Management Systems
• Flash CS3 Websites

Categories of Web Solutions at Perception System:
E-commerce application development
Ecommerce Solution
Enterprise app development
Rich interface application development
• Web Portal Development

If you want to customize your web application then hire web developer from us for great solution. Do you like our process and services?
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