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Web development companies over the years have progressed by leaps and bounds. The advancements made in web development platforms, to match changing consumer demands, have led to emergence of dynamic websites. It would be appropriate to call them as “living websites” because of their intelligent and responsive features, which allow them to respond to end user queries.

Custom Web Development
With each passing day we are getting more dependent on Internet for our daily activities. At a click of button, you can trade, educate, communicate, socialize, shop and carry out host of other activities from the comforts of your home or office. This is possible because of powerful web development platforms like Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, PHP, etc, which empower web developers/programmers to craft and integrate interactive features in website.

It you want to sell your products/services online, you need to have a shopping cart, which is reactive and expressive to the queries of your online visitors. To do this, a custom web development company integrates audio/video clippings, interactive graphics, animated features and other multimedia affects so that your prospective clients get feeling of interacting with a living entity, like a salesperson. Through video/audio clippings you can vividly explain your prospective clients about your hosted products and help them arrive at positive conclusion about your business. Interactive graphics and animated displays in your website quickly get the message across the board to your visitors. Shopping Cart features like online payment gateway help them to buy the selected product, while shipping gateway takes care of delivery of the goods to their address.

On social media front, website features like live chat, video clips, photo galleries, text messaging, interactive polls, forums and other lively features engage you with your friends, relatives and community members. These living websites overcome the barriers of time and distance to give you a feeling being close to your, near and dear ones. The benefits of such dynamic websites do not end here but extend beyond to other areas, about which I will discuss in the following posts. What is your opinion?

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