Why Your Business Require Custom E-Commerce Solution

Normally an e-commerce solution would come with the ability to modify products, setup of payment processors, product categories, create coupon codes & save a list of registered clients. These are all features for businesses that start or small businesses with few daily orders. But as the shop starts to progress & get more sales, you can find that you do not have all things you need to have a fully automated shop & distribution system.

As your company grows, it is possible that the software is not everything you wanted to do, or just the way that suits your business.

Here are some common customizations needs of clients after the use of e-commerce solution off-the-shelf:

  • Quick & simple upload of product information, updates, in the form of data stream. - No additional hours of manual entry.
  • Automatic communication with the ERP software. No additional hourly shifting via orders to send them to the right fulfillment centers.
  • Extra cost levels specific to the person who signs in. - Shop for employees, retail customers and wholesalers all in one ecommerce solution.
  • Custom fields & forms that save information of your business requirement - not phone numbers, emails or addresses you do not use, but the information your relevant to the path you do business, maybe social media, cell phone numbers & instant messaging names.
  • An E-commerce solution is linked to your CRM.
  • Write your point of view of vendors that client browsing and buying online!
  • Create algorithms to automatically adjust the engine tags such as title, description & keywords for SEO.

The key to an online store is the perfect seamless automation. Using a custom e-commerce solution, your store could function seamlessly with your company and sales staff, while effectively selling to their customers.

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