PHP Website Development – Why Necessary for Website?

PHP is open source, server side scripting language, which is widely used by the web development companies around the world to create dynamic web applications and websites.
PHP application development platform stands out from other web development platforms. It has great features, which empower web developers to deliver innovative web solutions at low costs. Following are the characteristics of this framework, which PHP development community around the world find indispensable in their web development activities.

  • Its open source nature and world wide support of developer community makes it widely used web application development platform

  • It is highly flexible platform, whose functionality can be changed according to web development needs

  • It supports different databases like MySQL, Oracle, etc

  • PHP increases web page processing speed, which in turn increases user experience

  • PHP is simple programming language compared to other languages like C, C++, ASP.Net, etc. Hence there are no programming complexities involved.

  • PHP is regularly updated because of contributions from PHP development community around the world.

  • PHP is compatible to major web servers and operating system. Hence there are no performance issues for PHP based websites/applications

  • PHP based applications are highly secure and there are no security issues.

PHP is versatile web development platform which is used in building dynamic web applications/ websites for e-learning, social networking, e-commerce and other purposes. PHP provides the much needed scalability, security and flexibility to website/applications so that they perform flawlessly, even under tremendous strain of global Internet traffic.

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