2012’s Most Popular & Best Content Management Systems to Use

We all are well aware with content management system, a most popular computer program, enable us to create, edit and publish content on the web. Content management system is one of the best computer programs for those people, who are to work in a collaborative environment. With this computer program, it becomes easily possible for people to run personal blogs, websites and work in a team from globally. Now people, who don’t have knowledge or information about HTML languages, are able to participate in editing as well as in publishing content. Content management system is specially designed to make such kind of process easy and convenient for all the people.

Today in the market, there are various content management systems obtainable to choose from. Each system has its own benefits and features to offer its user. All the content management systems have a range of features that include web publishing, web content creation & formatting tools, search capabilities & indexing, revision & updating tools, and so on. But, you need to choose one of the effective content management systems to run your website or blog very smoothly.

While selecting a best CMS for your needs, you ensure that your selected CMS must have these features such as blogging capabilities, image editing features, add-on features like plug-in capabilities, theme capabilities, management features like an image manager, content manager, and more. Along with these, there are some other implausible features like security features such as login history, SSL capability, and a sandbox testing.

In this blog, I have mentioned 2012’s most popular & best content management systems to use for your business website!!

In my list, Joomla has gained a first position because it is a most powerful open source content management system. On 29, November, 2012, Joomla announced that it has been downloaded for more than 36 millions times and it has gained tremendous popularity since last November. It is a free open source CMS that can be used for publishing content on the web. When it comes to Joomla’s features, it carries exclusive features to offer such as printable version of pages, page caching, polls, RSS feeds, support for language internationalization, news flashes, and many more. This open source CMS is written in PHP language and uses object-oriented programming (OOP) methods.

Second is WordPress, a most popular Content Management System that used by millions of people across the world. This open source CMS obtainable in two different forms such as WordPress.com, which is a website that enables us to start our own blog without bothering about hosting or any other thing, and WordPress.org that allow us to download the content management software and host it in any ideal hosting company. As compare to WordPress.org, WordPress.com carries more features to provide. When it comes to WordPress.com’s features, it includes spam protection, password protection, multiple author, ping capabilities, full user registration, plug-in & themes to offer, and many more.

Last but not least, Drupal is also well-known content management system that we can also use for our business website. It is also free open source CMS, which used by large number of people globally. Drupal also offers incredible features to enjoy such as easy to use content management interface, content organization, new user account creation, restricting tools, theme capabilities, etc. There are many big companies like The White House, Tesla Motors and more using this CMS platform for their business website.

So, these are most popular Content Management Systems that can be used for your business web Development to make it run very effectively and successfully.

If you are looking for a best Content Management system, but you don’t have any idea that which one to use, here I have mentioned 2012’ most popular Content Management Systems to use for your business website. Contact us
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