Facebook Welcomes Mobile E-Commerce Platform with Facebook Mobile App

Now, Facebook becomes mobile shopping devices by adding ‘mobile app install ads’ in it and bring enough sales for online business-owners. So, get ready to install Facebook mobile apps into your social networking account and be the boss of online business.

E-commerce Solutions
With increasing number of online shoppers, every business wants to establish their own online shopping websites by adopting E-commerce development services from the reputed development company. Even, there are some online store-owners, who want to build responsive website as more number of shoppers are purchasing products using tablet rather than from desktop. Looking to such market scenario, Facebook also invites its ‘mobile app install ads’ that helps to create e-commerce on Facebook.

With the launch of this app, now Facebook is ready to turn into mobile shopping site along with social networking website. Now, Smartphone users can easily download this application from the Apples App Store or Google Play. It is reported that last October, Facebook doesn’t enjoy much attention from the launch of "mobile app install ads," as Facebook already revealed so many products in the year 2012 and users are also thinking that many products are looking same.

Commenting to this release, COO of Spruce Media, Lucy Jacobs tells "the performance is right in the strike zone to be ROI positive." It would be best to download E-commerce app as users are using downloaded applications again and again. Each of their application installed in their mobile can give income for lifetime instead of one-time sale. Jason Goldberg, the CEO of Fab.com also shared his views about this launch. He says, it was "Five times more effective than any other mobile download channel that we've used."

Fab is one of the biggest advertisers of Facebook that tested the ad unit with Fab's shopping app. Nanigans, the company licenses adtech software for Facebook clients, also has checked the app for an anonymous e-commerce company. According to the company, Mobile app install ads becomes among the top 5 downloaded apps on Facebook with just ten days. It costs $325,000 and delivered32.5 million ad impressions. Even, the director of mobile marketing of Hotel Tonight, Adam Grenier also commented, “I feel like a kid in a candy store with all these choices. It performs better from a click-to-install perspective than anything except incentivized ads.

From an efficiency standpoint, it’s on par with everybody else out there today” while he saw 10 times higher click-to-install rate from the ads over regular Facebook ads. It is achieved as Hotel Tonight is using Facebook Offer that includes various e-commerce plays like Deals, offers and gifts. Looking to the positive result, every user gets an idea about effectiveness of E-commerce solutions. So, adopt Facebook ‘mobile app install ads’ and hope for the better business.

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