5 Popular Open Source E-Learning Applications Your Should Have in 2013

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E-learning is the latest trend among teachers and students for spreading knowledge and measures the results professionally. No doubt, a collection of open source e-learning applications is available that can be installed to interact with students and share knowledge. Here, we have listed 5 of them with description.


Being a leading open source e-learning and e-working platform, Claroline allows tutors to make online courses and administer learning and collaborative activities on the web. One of the best things about Claroline is it has a broad user community & previously translated to 35 languages. PHP & MySQL are required to run this system like Dokeos. Online exercises can be created and result also be tracked through this system.


Moodle is an excellent and one of my favorite open source e-learning systems, built in PHP. It uses PostgreSQL or MySQL for storing data. While using Moodle for your e-learning application development task, you can get a chance to enjoy some powerful course management features like quizzes, documents, creating lessons, assignments and so on. Different types of modules available that allows teachers and students to interact with each other.

Sakai Project

Sakai is the most flexible solutions, supporting teaching and learning along with research and administrative collaboration activities. Admin can easily manage assignments, share documents, create courses, prepare exams, etc. Modules are offered by Sakai for chat, discussion forums, and announcements and so on.

Ilias Learning Management

Ilias is another excellent web-based learning application that delivers a comprehensive personal desktop for using the system, bookmarks, keeping notes and so on. A cooperative learning environment is offered by Ilias Learning Management that allows users to develop groups of certain interests or working groups. It also has a flexible test system, where time based tests can be developed along with allocation questions, cloze questions, multiple choice, single choice, matching, hot spot and so on.


Dokeos delivers flash based video conferencing service along with the standard course management features. Having this application, one can easily organize live training and meetings remotely. Additionally, Powerpoint presentations can be easily introduced and converted into SCORM courses with Dokeos. Blessed with a “coaching” feature, this system allows interacting via forums, chat, videoconference, agenda, open questions-answers and assignment feedbacks. PHP & MySQL are required to run this system.

Apart from, eFront, Olat, etc. are also popular e-learning application for teachers and students to make use in their learning task. If you are finding this application better for you and want to develop same e-learning application, adopt e-learning application development from us.
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