10 Hottest E-Learning Trends for 2014

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The world of E-learning goes through different trends just like any industry. Among all, some of the trends are evolving or sticking while some are phased out. It’s an exciting time for e-learning lovers as technology continues to develop and industry is going to contribute even more over the next 12 months or so. Looking at the growth, we come to know about various trends of upcoming years that makes this industry more exciting. Continue reading this article and know some hottest trends of 2014.

Responsive Design

There is no doubt responsive design getting huge popularity among users as most of the users depend on smartphones and tablets. Now, e-learning is no longer limited to desktop, it also works across different variety of devices. Thus, we can say it is responsive to the screen.

Mobile E-Learning

With the launch of Tin Can and phasing out of SCORM, it is expected that learning through different devices become easier than in past. It simply means now it becomes more interesting to share information with the LMS from mobile devices comparing the past. Another reason is ease of access functionality that allows us to take off as we all are carrying smart devices every time and thus, making more accessible than being restricted to take while training.


According to some research, it is reported that about 63% of 4,043 developers are using HTML5 while 31% plans to adopt soon. We have seen huge growing in the use of HTML5 and will continue to grow in the future.


About 75% of corporations believe that Bring Your Own Device programs help their staff be more productive that helps the bottom line of the company.


This thing you will find to lower the cost of production and delivers of books for many mobile software and mobile devices using most of the audience.

Online Classes

In 2014, we have seen that number of businesses is moving towards online training within the corporate world. Looking back to 2000, we have found 900% of growth in the global e-learning market and recently surveyed that 50% of all classes will be delivered online by 2019.

Social media

A collection of opportunities is offered by Social media for interacting and learning. If you are using some effective strategies in your social media, it will improve the standard and efficiency of work that created by learners.

Content Curation

The burning trend of e-learning is Content curation that helps to share valuable information on particular topics to concerned target audience and helps them to focus on some critical topic.

Augment in interactivity

As many companies realize importance of the courseware, it becomes more interactive and immersive. Using animations and games within learning environments helps the tech-savvy generation to engage and entertain and leads to enhance knowledge retention.


We have seen gamification in almost every e-learning mobile Application development. It helps to take the form of badges and points for individual activities. As time goes, this activity goes on and it is expected that this technique should be more elaborated.

That’s all from my side. If you know some trends of 2014 about e-learning then share us through comment section.

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