eLearning Application Development: 5 Future Trends That Dominated 2014

Elearning Application Development
Like other industry, Elearning also enjoys different trends over a year. Among all trends, some of them evolve while some phase out. E-learning is getting popular with the corporate and educational sectors to spread knowledge. Mobile learning makes computer as an essential education tools while technology becomes more affordable and portable as well.

In recent years, it becomes must to look at the learning training outcomes and familiarize with those outcomes accordingly. Nowadays, organization doesn’t want an endless accumulation of general knowledge, however, it only centers on skills that help to minimize downtime and increase effectiveness and money as well. In this post, we are going to pick some trends that bring some innovation to your Elearning part.

Content Curation Becomes More Faster and Leverage

Content curation is one of the best ways to share information on particular subject in order to grab attention of targeted audience. Sharing such information helps to focus on what is must on any subject topic. The main casualty of the economic climate is to create customized solutions from the ground up. Present days, elearning solutions can integrate engaging affordable solution by utilizing rapid authoring tools, becoming more strategic with the use of rich media and of course, implementing content curation strategies.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is one of the widest concepts that can be accomplished in many different ways. It is future of formal learning and offers various ways to develop adaptive content. One can simply tag learning components and make it smarter by delivering customized learning ways that based on the previous activity’s outcome. Else, one can also create smarter personalized courses considering learning objectives. Both are methods are excellent by their own ways, however, you can simply combine it for maximum flexibility.

EPUB as a Publishing Format

Many software and hardware are available for users to read digital books like Marvin, Google Books, Firefox EPUB Extension, and so on. Among all, dedicated electronic readers like Nook, Kobo, etc and tablets created by Google and Apple are huge popular. Except Kindle apps and Kindle device, all of them are using free and open electronic book standard, which is known as EPUB.

EPUB3 is the latest version of this publishing that used by digital booksellers. It costs minimum and has ability to deliver books to many devices and software readers. Learners can able to convert their files to EPUB and see it on any screens types and sizes.

Dedicated learning material

Those people, who are fond of learning, can find courses and content almost everywhere. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) will offer such content that simply means the basic courses that focused on knowledge and skills will not add worth to the learner as it is already available. Thus, training department has to develop some specialized content.


Gamification is one of the interesting things added in Elearning courses. Now, learners don’t have to go through boring courses that lack engagement or emotional response. We have seen Gamification in many learning programs that often taking points and badges for individual activities. It is expected that gamification techniques becomes more elaborate in future.

So, when you are thinking to adopt Elearning mobile Application Development for your project, ensure to consider below given trends in your mind. For more information about latest trends or Elearning Application Development service, contact us.
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