12 Best ways To Build Interactivities into eLearning

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Engagement is one of the most vital things in eLearning. It is very easy for people to gain and maintain engagement in the physical classroom; however, it is quite typical in eLearning. So, here in this article, we are going to tell you some best ways to create interactivities into eLearning:

Hot spots: 

Hotspots are best for layered content, which is not more than a single sentence. You can use Hotspots while providing information about a particular area of the machine/equipment. Hotspots are clickable.


Rollovers can be used for a layered content with a single sentence. One can move the mouse for particular area of image for getting detailed information.
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Drag and Drop: 

Drag and Drops is one of the most popular options for assessments to test learners’ knowledge. Users can have to drag and drop the answer at the proper place and make this assessment more challenging.

Click and Learn:

Having this feature in your site helps learners to get information about any particular topic with just a simple click. It is must to use presentation patterns such as images, Click on Tabs, numbers, images, etc. in eLearning courses. Icons as presentation patterns can also be used to deliver more information. Apart from, sound and videos are also good.

Slide show: 

If you are looking for step-by-step information, then Slide show is one of the best options. It explains the process/history using textual and visual information.

Match the following: 

With Match the following questions, one can easily access to test learners’ understanding of related concepts. You can make learner to become confused by providing similar meaning. Even, you can provide questions with their answers for learners to match the correct answer add variety to the eLearning course.


Games are one of the hottest choices for people to get engage and motivate. It delivers instant feedback to learners and the extent to which they have achieved their learning goals.

Single and multiple choices: 

It is one of the simplest forms to check learners’ knowledge. Learners can choose one response from the list of responses in the single choice while he/she can select any number of responses in multiple choice formats.

Arrange the steps: 

This interactivity is used for recognizing process and allows learners to arrange them in a sequential order to measure their understanding of process.


Software applications and operating machines are using Simulations, i.e. Watch, Try and Do to complete activity in the most excellent ways. A complete demonstration is shown in the watch activity while Try activity allows trying some activity through hints. The Do activity allows learners to do their own activity by gaining knowledge from the Watch and Try simulations.


Flashcards are designed to recall the information. With Flashcards, learner can flips and learns as one side it has question while other side, it has answer.

Drop down: 

Users have to choose the right answer from the given the drop-down list.
These are 12 easy ways to create Interactivities into eLearning. If you want to know more about these activities then contact our knowledge Elearning developers. For more information about Elearning Apps Development, click here.
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