5 Excellent Practices to Build Up E-Learning Courses

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Recently, Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE)’s Training and Education Directorate has published one guide on Best practices for E-learning that will be the best source in Defense Services. The published practices are completely best as these are simple practical guidelines that are very similar to the best practices. If you are looking to build up e-learning courses, below mentioned 5 excellent practices are best to follow:

First – Start with perfect learning objectives:

When it comes to define learning goals, it is quite difficult to the development of the course. They are directly showing to the learner the levels of knowledge as they are expected to reveal at the end of the course. If you have clear, performance-aligned and determined goals, it can make sure that the e-learning course content is mainly focused and comprises only important information.
All the online learners can easily focus for particular time period, so it is essential that the content is filtered like relevant information is shared. Learners can get huge help in the process as clear learning objectives are best.

Second – Recognizing the perfect technology to develop and host the courses:

When selecting the technology for the course, it is essential to evaluate the knowledge and skill level of learners. While negotiating computers and mobile devices, how comfortable are learners. You may want to develop some courses, including only basic interactivities if learners are not computer-savvy.
While developing any course, it is important to recognize the right medium to host the courses. Like having a learning management system is best for you or it is also better you have courses on the company’s intranet website. Before you start e-learning development, it is best to assess these factors.

Third – Make Sure Learners get to Interact with the course content:

If your e-learning course makes learners inactive receptors of knowledge, such type of courses are least likely to be successful. For all the online learners, it is simple to get distracted while a course. You can make sure that they are active participants in the learning process by allowing learners engaging with the course or by asking them some questions. It promotes active learning and making the course more effective.

Fourth - Comprise formative assessments:

It is best to have formative assessments in the form of quizzes, jigsaw puzzles, multiple choice questions and more after every module or topic. It allows learners to review to understand the subject very well. Moreover, it also provides them an opportunity to go back to the course content and review the subject in case of doubts.

Fifth – Organize Courses sensibly:

Always remember that good courses leave learners with a clear message like they will have an idea about what has been shared while the course. In order to improve comprehension of the subject matter, the agenda, content flow, learning objective, case studies, graphic elements and animations should be sensible. Ensure that course navigation must be simple and insightful.

So, these are five highly effective practices to build up e-learning courses as these practices are best to follow to develop wonderful courses. However, if you are looking to get e-learning app development service, you should hire a professional e-learning developer.
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