3 Simple & Easy To Follow Ways For Designing e-Learning Intro Pages

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Are you running an e-learning website? If yes, it is most important for you that learners take time to view your e-Learning courses. So, how many of you all know that what is the most important part of an e-Learning course? And what increases the interest levels of online learners?

Whenever any learner visits your website and look at the intro page of the course, starting seconds are highly important for you as they are judging the course looking at the intro page. It is the intro page of your website that forces the interest levels of the audience no matter how wonderfully you have presented the content and strategies in the course.

So, if you are also looking to make your intro page as attractive as possible, make sure you make it a point to –

  • Attract the learners – Ensure that you use good visuals to show the quality of the course.

  • Give the strength – Website owner needs to display all the key topics that covered in the course

  • Stimulate the learners – Always go with such solution that offers to the learner’s problem

So, you can cover all the above mentioned points in the intro page, and designing such intro pages will not ask for days, just you need some hours to design and some simple tips to follow.

Attract the learners with Excellent Visuals

You know that learners are developing an impression and grade the course with its feel and look of the intro page. So, every website owner needs to remember that the attracting a leaner through course becomes easy using attractive visuals on the intro page. Moreover, they can also use avatars holding boards to display content.

Give the strength to the course

Make sure to design such intro page that shows the important topics, which will cover in the course. As it can boost the interest of the learner and connect them throughout the course.

Inspire the learner by stating the solution to their problem

You always need to remember that learners are taking a course with an aim of enhancing their skills and solving a problem that they are facing. So, intro page must be in such manner that states skills or the solution that they will get from the course.

So, these are three wonderful ways to design your intro pages of your e-learning website in order to attract learners towards your course. Moreover, you can also hire e-learner website developer or designer to get support from him to make your website on high-position.
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