10 Excellent Resources for Social Networking Application Development

Social Networking Application Development
Many popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. play an important role for business promotions. Social networking site, Facebook does that through application development process. With social networking application, business can easily share their updates about products/services, new ventures and so on to their clients. Additionally, they can also customize applications by adopting Social Networking Application Development service from one of the leading companies. Those people, who don’t have idea about how to create Facebook application, can use some of the best resources that mentioned in this post.


Being one of the most useful Firefox extensions, Firebug enables to inspect the code and easily tweak it on-page. One can see its effects without updating the actual server-level code.

Web Developer:

Web Developer is another excellent Firefox extension for programmers that deliver a toolbar and extension alternative for parsing code, resolution and testing browsers. Additionally, it is excellent tools for disabling things like JavaScript and Page Color.


Project from Mozilla Labs, Bespin helps to develop a web-based development environment for programming by using the Canvas element of HTML5. It is one of my personal favorite code editors that I always try in my Social Networking Application Development task.


SourceForge.net is one of the best open-source software that enables you to find, create and share open-source projects.


Those social media developers, who want to learn almost any language for free, can visit W3Schools. It has a collection of tools and great tutorials that allows developers to understand about coding and can also find an active community on its forums.


Better known as a collaborative and social software development tool, GitHub uses the Git revision control system. GitHub's development news feeds, secure repositories, and inline editing are the best and priceless, when you have a team building a product.


One of the most popular developer link-sharing websites, Dzone is the best addition for your RSS feed.


Slashdot is one of the excellent communities for discussing and sharing programming, developer, and IT - related topics.


Etherpad is one of the best collaborative code editors that come with many free as well as paid ones. It is one of the easiest ways to share code and work together for building the best application. The code library like Snipplr and GitHub's Gist are great options for those people, who are sharing smaller snippets of code.

Yahoo Pipes:

Yahoo Pipes is the best for those developers, who are struggling hard to develop website/tools grabbing information from social media sites like Digg or Twitter. Social networking sites can be easily developed with RSS feeds, powerful widgets, etc. with combining simple commands that integrated with social media data.

Reddit - Programming:

Reddit, one of the leading social news voting sites, comes with a thriving community of developers that discussed programming topics and share news, resources and interesting games.

Above given are some of the best social networking application development resources that helps build a perfect social networking apps. Are you finding talented and experienced developers? Contact us now for detailed information.
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