Top 5 eLearning Applications For Businesses to Make Their Work Easier

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“With different eLearning applications, it becomes easy for businesses to conduct online training programs and get huge help in business eLearning efforts. In this blog, I have listed top 5 eLearning apps that you should check-out.”

Approximately 70% of mobile professionals will conduct work on their smart-phones by 2018, according to technology research firm Gartner. With more than one billion smart-phone shipments worldwide, it is not shocking for all of us that most of the employees as well as businesses are putting these tools to use with mobile accessible resources.

Have you ever put corporate and employee mobile device to work for your training program? If you are still not ready to spend your resources to a home-based native or online mobile eLearning application, no need to bother as there are various applications obtainable that can help users with their business eLearning efforts.

With different eLearning applications, it is easily possible for businesses to conduct different training programs without facing any difficulty. Let’s have a quick look on top 5 eLearning applications that make your work a lot easier:

Skill Pill –

One of the best eLearning applications ‘Skill Pill’ is obtainable for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users, enabling them to offer bite-sized training videos for your learners. With different topics like customer service, to management, to sales and marketing, this high-end application can be mixed and matched to offer an excellent course per learner.

Moreover, this application is well-known for developing custom courses. Being a free application, users can make use of this application easily. Users need to pay for a login with skill pill if they are accessing the whole course library.

ASTD Trainer’s Toolkit

ASTD stands for The American Society of Training and Development is the best eLearning application for trainers as well as instructional designers. With this high-end application, users can develop activities to make learners motivated, more engaged and help them in retaining content exceptionally.

Being a performance support tool, this application enables people to take notes, bookmark and develop new activities. Obtainable for both Android and iOS versions, this application is free to use, but if you are looking for the more standard activities, you can purchase this app.

Udemy –

It is must to have an application for all the businesses, which are looking to incorporate MOOCs into their training process. With the launch of Udemy for organizations, the app turns towards offering corporate training and more business-focused classes.

The best thing about this application is it allows learners to take a comprehensive range of courses obtainable through Udemy. It is one such application that obtainable for iOS and Android versions. Enabling users to watch presentations while on the go, view articles and save some courses to view them offline, users can create courses through using Udemy’s website interface.

My Moodle –

When it comes to talk about the official application from Moodle, it is only useful when you use current Moodle, but given that it is the highly popular LMS out. Obtainable for both iOS and Android devices, My Moodle is not a complete revamp app for the Moodle interface.

It enables users to upload files, send messages, download course resources for offline viewing, tracking course participants. If you are making use of the older version of this application, you need to be aware about some issues that you can face. –

Apart from above mentioned eLearning apps, is also one of the best eLearning apps, so people can access this application’s catalog of 564 business courses, including different things like management training, content marketing, advanced Adwords tutorials, accounting fundamentals and more.

The application is obtainable on iOS and Android, allowing you to access courses, and save and share courses for offline viewing, streaming course videos to a TV using airplay and chromecast. A free obtainable application provides some of the free courses that are accessible through the application.

So, these are the top 5 eLearning applications that every professional should use to make his work of training and its programs a lot easier. Moreover, businesses are also able to hire an eLearning developer, who has capability to develop a fully-new eLearning app as per their business requirements.
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