7 Effective Techniques to Use Google Glass In eLearning

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In this competitive eLearning market, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the latest tools and technologies, even with those technologies that may not be specially planned for eLearning world. In this post, we have investigated and mentioned the role of Google Glass that might play in the future of eLearning development.

Right now, eLearning developers have access a wide variety of new wearable technologies. Every year, we find bigger and better devices that provide power to make eLearning experience more interesting and meaningful for your audience. There are many effective techniques of using Google Glass such as:

Expedient Supplemental Information

A “heads up display” is provided by Google Glass that provides learners an opportunity of accessing supplemental resources even they are engaging in learning activities. Importantly, with this tool, learners can easily enhance their power of expanding education on their own terms.

Taking mLearning to the Next Level

With Google Glass, learners can get ability to access information while travelling, hands-free, so that they easily develop their skills and can able to access a wealth of knowledge with an ease. Now, they doesn’t have to use smartphone or tablets to access courses as they can easily switch to Google wearable gadgets to become an active participants in eLearning seminars.

Creating truly interactive and immersive scenarios and simulations
We have seen that Google Glass takes eLearning scenarios and simulations to the next level. There are many learners, who have ability to contribute in real world situations, tasks and on-the-job processes from a first person viewpoint. Such thing helps learners understand things in better ways.

Enhanced Learner Knowledge Assessments

Google Glass in eLearning is not a one-way learning. Facilitators and instructors can easily monitor their learners’ performance through live feeds. Interestingly, instructor can able to do own assessment regarding the course or training by stepping into the shoes of the learner by using Google Glass. Additionally, they can also see everything from the learner's perspective to understand learning behaviors and provide instant feedback.

On-demand Learning

One of the best things about Google Glass is it allows learners to access information and online resources when and where they required the most. One can do so inconspicuously without allowing customers or clients even knowing that they are joining online or accessing a training course. Moreover, they can easily focus and engage with what they are doing.

Safe learning in hazardous situations

In certain cases, you can easily add a level of safety by Google Glass in eLearning. Moreover, your employee can also stay focused on the task along with learning all the requirements about the process.

Developing Detailed First-Person Tutorials

Just suppose to provide advantage to your learners through an experienced instructor in their field, who have huge understanding of how to perform particular process. Having a Google Glass, you can simply get an opportunity to learn by watching a first-person tutorial.

Facilitators and Instructors can place on the Google Glass device and record what they are doing by simple telling gadget to record a video, just like we are talking in handsfree. The captured videos and pictures can be uploaded to an application that can be designed for your course and can be easily serve as an in-depth tutorial or walkthrough. Such videos can be watched by learners anytime, anywhere.

Above given are some effective tips to use Google Glass in eLearning. If you want to develop application for eLearning considering all such features, then contact Perception System, one of the leading eLearning Mobile App development service providers. To know more about eLearning Application Development service, click here.
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