Facts of Mobile Learning That You Should Know

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Now, you can use portable computing devices like tablets, laptops, iPads, smart-phones and PDAs and more with wireless networks allowing mobility and mobile learning. It also allows teaching and learning to extend to spaces ahead of traditional classroom. For interaction, mobile learning provides instructors and learners boost flexibility and new opportunities within the classroom.

Day-by-day, mobile learning is becoming standard in educational settings, offering its flexibility and ease of use. Each year, there are lots of school districts that cheering their staff to go mobile. However, if you have any doubt about the growing trend of mobile learning, you need to do is look across in order to see that it is growing in different facet of life with ultra popular MOOC services leading the charge.

Apart from this, mobile learning also means to use smart-phones and other devices to impart education to people. With constant increasing the number of educational institutes and corporate organizations, they are moving towards mobile learning due to its portability that it provides to learn while moving on.
Now, students do not have to sit in the classroom to attend classes as all you need is a mobile device to instantly get connected with your teacher and begin on the spot.

With huge portability, you can make your learning a lot easier as you can easily access to different course materials from anywhere across the world. However, learning and work can go hand-in-hand. Therefore, all those students, who are working, should go with mobile learning without wasting their any time by attending classes. Moreover, company works can get huge training on their job.

You can also address each and every individual discretely than traditional classrooms where you have to deal with different students. Teachers are also able to answer questions of learners and individually and inspire them to perform better at examinations.

Some Important Facts of Mobile Learning That You Should Know:
  • It is expected that more than 56% of schools and libraries will go to transition to digital textbooks.

  • Approximately, 45% of schools and libraries are planning to expand use of mobile devices.

  • For education, 100% of K-12 students are going to use mobile devices by 2016.

  • Now, 73% of teachers will access digital content from their handheld mobile device.

  • 25% of 6th graders are using reading devices

  • Now, more than 1/3 teachers are using a tablet or reader in the classroom.

By these facts, you can get idea that mobile learning is expanding day-by-day, and in the upcoming years, it will get more popularity and attention of various people. To get more information mobile learning and eLearning mobile apps development, you can visit here.
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