2015's Top eLearning Statistics & Facts That Professionals Should Know

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In the recent times, a lot of reports, surveys and studies have been done that shows no sign of slowing down in the eLearning industry. Even a lot of companies, individuals, institutions and corporations prefer eLearning as they know its power and effectiveness.

Moreover, it is also expected that in the coming years eLearning industry will touch new heights. In this blog, you can find 2015's top eLearning statistics and facts that will surely surprise you, so let's have a look:

Global eLearning Industry Market –

When it comes to talking about the global eLearning Market, it is expected to reach $ 107 billion by 2015. In 2010, the global self-paced eLearning market reached $32.1 billion in revenue, with a five year compound annual growth rate of 9.2%. It means the self-paced eLearning market will see estimated revenues of $49.9 billion in 2015.

Top 10 Growth Rates By Country

Here, growth rates will show you how each country has adopted eLearning and how it is important indicator since it can reveal revenue opportunities. Give a look on growth rate of self-paced eLearning by country:

  1. India: 55%
  2. China: 52%
  3. Malaysia: 41%
  4. Romania: 38%
  5. Poland: 28%
  6. Czech Republic: 27%
  7. Brazil: 26%
  8. Indonesia: 25%
  9. Colombia: 20%
  10. Ukraine: 20%
Learning Management System Market

In the year 2013, the Learning Management System was worth $2.55 billion with an estimated compound annual growth rate of approximately 25.2%.

Moreover, the market is expected to worth approximately $4 billion in 2015 and over $7 billion in 2018. However, the top proportion of revenue contribution is expected to be generated in North America.

Mobile Learning Market

In 2012, the global market for Mobile Learning products and services reached $5.3 billion. For the upcoming five years, a compound annual growth rate of 18.2% and it is estimated that global market of mobile learning will reach $8.7 billion and it will even reach $12.2 billion by 2017.

It is worth to know that in 2012 the top purchasers of mobile learning products and service where South Korea, China, India, Japan and US; however, it is expected that top purchases of mobile learning products and services by 2017 will be China, India, Indonesia, US and Brazil.

MOOCs in Corporate Training

At a time, approximately 8% of companies make use of MOOCs while other 7% consider to experiment with MOOCs. It is also estimated that in the upcoming two years this percentage will boost to 28%:


Currently, 350+ companies co-operate with Udacity and Coursera to recognize the best students, which would probably make the best candidates for right jobs.

Elearning Top Buyers
A lot of biggest companies are the major purchasers of eLearning products and services. These companies are known for making up 30% of all eLearning purchases.

Corporate Training Delivery Methods

For 2014, the training delivery methods were as follow:
  • 47% of training hours were delivered by instructor led classroom only setting-increased by 3% than to earlier year.
  • 4.2% of training hours were delivered through social learning-increased by 0.9% than to earlier year.
  • 29.1% of training hours were delivered with alloyed learning methods-increased by 0.8 than earlier year.
  • 15% training hours were delivered through virtual classroom/webcast only by 1% than earlier year.
  • Through online or computer based technologies, 28.5% of training hours were delivered – boosted by 2.6% than earlier year.
Learning Technologies

For 2014, learning technologies used were as follows:
  • Currently, 48% of companies are making use of rapid eLearning tool.
  • Currently, 21% of companies make use of online performance support or knowledge management system.
  • At a time, 74% of companies are using Learning management systems and virtual classroom/webcasting/video broadcasting.
  • 11% of companies are making use of Podcasting
  • More than 18% of companies use Mobile Apps
  • 25% of companies use Learning Content Management System
2015's learning statistics and facts are indication then the future of the eLearning industry is dealed with exponential growth and latent for profit. 

Various learners and companies are turning to eLearning courses and various online training events attain their personal and professional goals. 2015 is the year for holding the promise of even more learners expanding educational horizons.

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