7 best eLearning Business Apps to Use in 2015

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Whether it is a university or professional company, eLearning application plays an important role for spreading knowledge and measuring efficiency in the mean time.

No doubt, one can find different types of eLearning application that can be installed by a wide user community & deliver a complete system. If you want to check out what are the best eLearning business applications, read this post.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is one of the best eLearning applications that can be connected through mobile device.
This application enables users to join web conferencing sessions from iOS devices. Interestingly, this application can be used for meetings, web conference, office hours, etc.

Download: iOS


BizMobile app for BizLibrary comes with a library of 6,000 courses that specially concentrate on business training. It generally accesses different content for training managers.

Moreover, this application can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. Through this application, one can enable to watch course videos, read supplemental courses materials like PDFs and has full database search functionality.

DownloadiOS |  Android

iTunes U

iTunes U is overlooked by instructional designers although it is installed for free on all iOS devices. With this application, users can easily access to a huge library of free and paid instructional content that contains many business and skills courses.

It also enables to develop own courses that can be used on learner’s iPads. This tool has schools, vocational and professional learning as an optional.

Download: iOS

Chief Learning Officer magazine

CLO magazine is one of the best and leading industry sources that provides the best news, trends information and thought leadership in the business and training learning industry.

Having an application on iOS and Android send a new issue of magazine along with 3 months od back issues, view CLO blog articles, save and bookmark articles and so on.

Download : iOS | Android

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard is one of the simplest course content creation for iPad device. With this application, you can easily create and record different videos, lessons, annotated images that users can share with their learners online through email and social media networks.

This application is best for instructional designers or for those, who want to provide a quick performance support lesson to their employees or techs in the field.

Download: iOS

My Moodle

My Moodle is one of the most popular applications available for both iOS and Android device. Installing this application, you can simple upload files, send messages, download courses resources for offline viewing and can easily track courses participants.

Those users, who are using an older version of Moodle, have to beware of issues that reported with versions 1.9 and below.

Download : iOS | Android 


WikiTouch application enables to develop, manage and share your notes by using iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch, & iPhone. This application has a small ad to the top of the notes when you download its free version.

Those people, who like WikiTouch, but not ads, can upgrade with a one-time in-app purchase and become a Premium user without any extra subscription. This application is best for organizing digital life in order to retrieve critical business and personal information.

Even, Wikitouch can work as a personal wiki where notes are connected together so one can easily browse personal content like the web.

Download: iOS

These are some of the best and most useful eLearning business application that you can use to ease business activities. If you are looking to hire eLearning app developers to develop such type of application then contact Perception System.
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