Why Custom Website Development Is Better Than Readymade?

A well designed website plays a critical role in success of your online business. Internet is crowded with millions of websites. To stand out from the pack, you need a custom developed website, which perfectly displays your products/services to online shoppers.

There are many website templates available on internet, which you can use to create quickly your own website. No doubt, you reduce the cost of development of your website but in long run your business suffers. Mentioned below, are some crucial aspects of website development that you should consider while choosing between custom website development and ready made templates, for your online business.

  • When it comes to using readymade templates there are people on the net who might be using the same template, on which your website is built. You fail to give your portal a distinctive identity on the website design front.
  • Template limits your ability to pack custom features in website because it is not specifically built for your but for general crowd. So if you want to present a true picture of your online business on Internet through your website, it is advisable to get it custom developed, even if you have to pay more.
  • You can hire a professional web designer to get unique design, which is also search engine friendly so that your website gets properly indexed and displayed in the top search engine results
  • Ready made templates allow quicker development of website compared to custom ones, however it is better avoid the shortcut, because -"There is no shortcut to success". However if capital is a big issue for you, then template based website is the best option.
  • Google loves fresh and unique content. The developer can customize and integrate CMS in your portal so that you can refresh your website content at regular intervals at your own convenience. This is well rewarded by Google in form of higher page rankings.
  • Custom website development gives developer the freedom to place important and relevant content in strategic locations of your website so that viewers get good idea of your business at a glimpse. They are encouraged to explore your site further and more time they spend in your website, greater are the chances of converting them into actual buyers.

In my view custom website development, though costly and time consuming is a better option than using ready made templates. In long run it pays off as the revenues generated dwarf the initial investment.

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