e-Learning Market Trends and Forecast for 2014 – 2016- An Accurate Statement

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In the latest research, many facts have been revealed related to the Global e-Learning Market. The global value of e-Learning, predictions and market trends are analyzed by this research in which innovative training strategies are embraced to serve corporate objectives. A detailed segmentation on business opportunities in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America is stated In e-Learning Market Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2016 that released by Docebo.

This research can be done by considering facts and figures top trends, topics and predictions for each area, and demonstrates a comprehensive overview on the international e-Learning Market. E-Learning is one of the largest growing market segments in the HR space and with the adoption of the SaaS model; it plays an important role in redesigning the entire industry. E-learning has a huge authority on enhancing the e-learning market size.

According to some analyst reports, the proof of SaaS Industry growth and trend of will continue for at least next three years. 3 common reasons are seen this upswing in SaaS, i.e. Savings on operational expenses, Speed of implementation and Savings on capital expenditures.

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Content, Distribution of content and e-Learning platforms is the three pillars of the e-Learning industry. The Elearning market is considered a “niche” segment inside different HR macro segments that influenced the sales trends related to smart devices and the enhancing spread of the Internet access worldwide. Additionally, smartphone also delivers other opportunities that help to enhance work productivity and the concept of Mobile Learning and eventually, the trend of ‘BYOD’ (Bring your own device) is slower trend.

We have seen the SaaS Business Model present in educational reform and technology plan an important role in enhancing the chance of education suppliers worldwide. A valuable insight is also offered by the report in a dynamic and important sector. If you are looking at the number, you will find:

  • According to recent regional studies, the highest growth rate is in Asia at 17.3%, followed by Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America at 16.9%, 15.2%, and 14.6%, respectively.

  • The five-year compound annual growth rate is estimated at around 7.6% and revenues will reach $51.5 billion by 2016.

  • The worldwide market for self-paced e-Learning reached $35.6 billion in 2011.

  • While the aggregate growth rate is 7.6%, several regions have significantly higher growth rates.

The market opportunities in Education us highlighted by this report that delivers an in-depth analysis into the market, figures and statistics, and commentary on growth segmented per continent to its readers. There are many educational industries investing in Education sector and makes it so healthy. The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) market has also been exploded with a proliferation of courses and an expansion of MOOC platform providers and tools.

This report has been encouraging and raised some questions in mind:

  • How e-Learning is activating company growth?

  • Why Company should invest in Learning Management Systems? And so on …

If such questions rise in your mind, then share with us through comment section.
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