How E-learning is Different from M-learning?

Elearning & Mlearning Difference
There are many companies using technology extensively all organizational aspects such as learning for Gen-Y workers, who are technology-savvy as they are getting added to the current corporate workforce globally. On other side, there are organizations moving in the direction of mLearning as they are thinking both are same.

Such organizations are not aware of that the two formats are different in terms of device used for giving training. eLearning is delivered on your desktops or laptops while mLearning courses are appropriate for accessing on smart devices like Smartphones, iPad, etc. It is must to know the difference before you start using suitable training process. There are huge different between both eLearning and mLearning such as:


One can easily access more features and excellent clicks in their courses as devices like laptop and desktop has larger screen. On other side, mobile device has small screen with some features and clicks as compare to big devices. Thus, your UI should be designed in different ways to suit to device on which it can be accessed.


Users can access E-learning courses anywhere, anytime, they want to if they have device with internet connectivity. But, there is a time when you can’t find place to use laptop for accessing online courses. Alternatively, you can easily access mLearning courses even while waiting at the bus-stop through your mobile device.


One can use E-learning courses for delivering information in a comprehensive and detailed manner. Through such courses, you can provide learners with detailed information and a static environment as well. Talking about mLearning courses, it can be used for delivering precise information. One cannot have good option for providing the right takeaways at the proper time. It is excellent for communicating just-in-time performance support by using an excellent combination of formats such as videos, graphics, audio, simulations, and so on.

Duration of courses

Generally, E-learning courses have periods of about 20-30 minutes and sometimes it even goes beyond the durations, depending on the subject while mLearning is designed by including smaller chunks of information that helps to transfer learners in 3-5 minutes and thus, it becomes easy to access anytime, one can want.

These are some different between E-learning and M-learning courses. Now, it is up to you to decide which course you want to adopt for your company. Whether you are looking for Elearning Application Development or Elearning Mobile Application Development, Perception System serves you best possible outcome.
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