Why Use HTML5 Instead of Flash for Designing E-learning Courses?

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eLearning industry has been shifting to the next level with an advancement in technology and changing in learning trends. The latest trend we have seen today is the use of HTML5 that used for developing eLearning courses. In this post, we are mentioning some advantage of using HTML5.

Mobile content delivery:

Increase in number of people are using mobile device to access knowledge or information. We all know that iPads and iPhones doesn’t supported by Flash whereas iPads and mobile devices are available with advanced browsers that support HTML 5 content. Users can also use some Meta tags to customize content for mobiles.

Offline data storage support:

Present days, learners want immediate access to knowledge anytime, anywhere and want to store data. Offline storage is supported by HTML5 and it can be easily handled and stored data while application doesn’t connect to the internet or data mode.

Creation of Applications and Websites:

Most of the people are using mobile applications and HTML5 is one of the best tools for building mobile apps and sites. With HTML5, one can easily create web apps that could be easily accessed on any mobile platform, through the way of “mLearning sans constraints.”

Content organization:

HTML5 allows you to set the content flow to a pre-determined width with adjustments like making it wider or narrower, on the basis of the browser window size. It can be done through simple coding instead of installing plug-in. In addition, it also manages the web content in such a way that can be easily understood by screen-readers and search engines

One of the best things about HTML5 is it makes deployment of the web applications easier and faster. Such application performs like software applications and can run across all platforms, devices and operating systems.

Browser Support:

The most interesting thing about HTML5 is it supports web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari and thus, using HTML5 helps to create different types of web apps and rich Internet applications.

On other side, Flash needs a plug-in like Flash player where HTML5 doesn’t require any kind of plug-in for the web browser to understand coding. So, this is considered as the biggest advantages of HTML5 for users.

Game’s development:

HTML5 helps to create interactive mobile-friendly games that make your eLearning course more interesting. Developers can easily integrate simple graphics without any external applications or plug-ins. Moreover, “Canvas tag” also helps to create simple 2D drawings, using JavaScript.

Design and Development made easy:

There are many eLearning authoring tools like Studio, Lectora, Articulate Storyline, and Captivate available in the market that used to publish courses to HTML5. Now, it becomes easy to update course or revision. Moreover, one can also even customize look and feel of the content to make output more appealing like Flash courses by using HTML5.

These are more appealing advantages of using HTML5 instead of Flash. If you are looking to develop application by adopting eLearning Application Development service then contact us now. We have expertise in serving every requirements related to eLearning Mobile Application Development.
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